About the Author...

Stilton Jarlsberg, M.D.

Stilton Jarlsberg, M.D.  has made vast professional strides, which is no small accomplishment considering that he is only 6 inches tall. By virtue of this fact, he was awarded a scholarship to medical school so that he might actually participate in experiments alongside lab rats as a human "control." His experience with mazes and cheesy rewards speaks volumes about the expertise he brings to the book you currently hold in your hands.

His previous book, The One Minute Mangler, was originally the story of a psychotic, brutally sadistic serial killer and sold fewer than a dozen copies. However, when he realized that many of the psycho killer's torture techniques could be successfully applied to the business world, the book was re-edited and released as a non-fiction management manual, at which time it became a huge international bestseller.

Following this unexpected success, Stilton Jarlsberg has published an entire series of "One Minute" books, and hopes to eventually see them turned into a series of big budget feature films for people with exceedingly short attention spans.


Dr. Jarlsberg has also applied his medical expertise to a webcomic about a hopelessly ill boy, his loyal dog, and the doctors, bureaucrats, lunatics, and unfortunate circumstances that surround him. But Johnny Optimism always smiles, believing that things could always get worse. And they do...day after day after day.